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  • The Shamal HEAVY DUTY range includes:

    LUBRICATED COAXIAL “V” COMPRESSORS, equipped with aluminium pumping units with cast iron cylinder: they guarantee large air flow.
    Reliable and suitable even for heavy duty use.
    • Low number of revs: 1450 rpm.
    • Forced ventilation
    • Power range from 2 to 2.5 HP
    • Maximum pressure 10 bar
    • Over-dimensioned air outlet manifold with wide fins for optimal cooling.
    • Valve with stainless steel blades, ideal for continuous service
    • Lower rotation speed to ensure limited noise
    • Spare part modular kit suitable for all models.
  • BELT DRIVEN SINGLE AND TWO-STAGE COMPRESSORS (’K’ SERIES): designed for intensive use by professionals and small industries. The 'K' SERIES is one of Shamal's biggest successes! This range stands out for its reliability and long life. Since their first production, 5 million units have been sold worldwide.

    This range is unique thanks to its:
    • intercooler for cooling between the first and second compression stage with subsequent improvement in terms of efficiency;
    • die-cast aluminium head with large fins to improve heat dissipation;
    • lower rotation speed to ensure limited noise;
    • sturdy, reliable and long-lasting cast iron valve plate;
    • reliable and resistant cast iron cylinders;
    • stainless steel valve gasket with elastomer coating for a perfect seal;
    • electronically balanced crankshaft.


  • TWIN TANK SERIES PISTON COMPRESSORS: intended for special applications, they are practical work instruments, easy to transport and protected against impacts.


  • VERTICAL COMPRESSORS: perfect for those who have limited space! The pumping unit, suitable for heavy duty continuous use, is positioned on a 200 or 270 litre vertical tank.


TANDEM COMPRESSORS: two pumping units in line on the same tank guarantee maximum power! As per standard, they are provided with a time control panel with direct or star-delta activation. The set-up of the Tandem compressors guarantees full flexibility, high reliability, and better performance thanks to the greater amount of air suctioned and increased volumetric efficiency.

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